Current Obsession: Men’s Experiential Denim

There are comfortable jeans, and then there are impossibly comfortable jeans.
Shop Experiential Denim
Shop Experiential Denim

Designed with the perfect amount of stretch, the lightweight jeans in our Experiential Denim collection have the coveted movability and softness of a pair of sweats, but get this: they don’t look anything like sweats. Trim, tailored, and polished, whatever your usual jeans can do, these can do better. Around the office, they’re our new favorite obsession. Need proof? A handful of guys here were happy to provide it. We photographed them wearing the jeans during work hours, and then asked them to tell us why exactly they love them so much. Spoiler alert: one guy admits to wearing his almost every day of the week.

Charlie, Digital Marketing Team

Ryan, E-Commerce Team