Outfitting and Appreciating The Real Stars of Sundance


Outfitting and Appreciating The Real Stars of Sundance

Our 2019 tribute video will play before every film on Volunteer Appreciation Day, Wednesday January 30th.

For 16 years it has been our pleasure to design and donate more than 2,400 jackets to the Sundance festival volunteers, or as we refer to them “the real stars of Sundance.”

Each year we also create a short film in their honor, which plays before any film screened on Volunteer Appreciation Day. The 2019 Sundance Festival theme was RISK.  We produced this tribute film to highlight the power of taking risks in artistry, and show our deep appreciation for the volunteers that create a space for those risks to be taken.

It is their hard work and dedication that allows new films to reach audiences and eventually carry fresh ideas to the rest of the world.

We’re proud to support them and provide the perfect festival uniform because we believe they deserve to LOOK GOOD, FOR GOOD.

Kenneth Cole Sundance Festival Uniform