The After-Hours Art Project


When we opened our Bond and Bowery store in NYC, we quickly realized that area is alive 24/7. We saw a window of opportunity (literally) to create something as vibrant and compelling as the location, so we placed retractable screens in the store windows to become an after-hours digital gallery. We then partnered with two visual artists/motion directors, who work under the simple moniker of “The Hayes Bros” – identical twins, aka Adam and Nick Hayes. These two gents of British origin have extensive experience in commercial fields of advertising, publishing, photography, and filmmaking (including VR), so we asked them to share their latest passion project with us (these creative types always have something brewing deep in the realms of their Mac labyrinths). They showed us an intricate digital expression in motion titled, “Obscura.” Using groundbreaking techniques, the installation visually experiments with the deconstruction of object and organism into abstraction. Watch a section from the “Obscura” project right here.

To see more of The Hayes Bros work, visit or follow them on Instagram @hayesbros.