Andreja Pejic, transwoman and model

Andreja Pejić, transwoman and model


By focusing on the real issues in this world like inequality, war, ecological collapse, and politics…whilst looking cute.

What people and/or events inspired you to do the work you do today?

My mum would tell me stories about her father, who at sixteen fought against the Nazis in World War II and took part in the Yugoslav Revolution. Hearing stories like that made you want to leave a footprint, big or small, that in some way progresses society. What I went through as a kid gave me a lot of anti-establishment spirit and I've spent a lot of my life trying to channel that energy in the right direction.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment is the past year of my life. I feel that I’ve gone through a lot and survived. To come out on top is a pretty great feeling.

What is some advice you have for people trying courageously to change the world?

Knowledge, historical context, and political consciousness are all crucial elements for a mind that wants to better the world. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Never lose faith in the people and their ability to evolve, because history is full of evidence. Never stop fighting the good fight.

How has adversity shaped who you are today?

Adversity has shaped me in every way. Being born in a war zone has made me heavily opposed to war. Being born in a working class single mother family has made me want to fight for equality. Being different and born in a society that doesn't like those differences has made me want to connect people and bring them closer together through art and truth.

How does your experience as a model play into your success as a voice for your community?

Modeling forces you to grow up incredibly fast—it’s made me into an adult and given me the confidence and tools I need to project my voice.

What is a defining moment that helped you realize your passion for modeling?

When I saw how much people valued my photos on social media platforms. It was really cool and made me think that I could add something to culture.