Caitlin Crosby
What message do you want to share with the world?

To love and serve one another. Most people you pass by are fighting an internal battle that you know nothing about, so do all you can to love them well. I always wanted to write songs that would inspire this generation and help change the world, so there’s always a lot of fighting for what I believe in. Ultimately, I want to talk about issues I’m passionate about, and try and make a positive change through songs and innovative products.


You make a statement with everything you wear. You’re supporting “something” by how you choose to cover your body, so why not have the products you’re wearing change lives while looking badass? Every day I wear Giving Key necklaces, earrings or bracelets with positive words on them, and keep my eyes open for who I should give them away to, so I get to spread hope, while also employing people affected by homelessness.

What people and/or events inspired you to do the work that you do today?

I spent years observing, examining, and analyzing how and why humans are hurting. I always prayed, “God, give me your heart for people.” I believe he answered that prayer and The Giving Keys was the outcome. Even in my early years writing songs, I always wanted to write about issues that people were going through to hopefully encourage them. All of those observations, and trying to strategically create a product and movement that would heal people, started while touring for music and selling different creative products at the merchandise tables, which is where The Giving Keys was born. I knew people weren’t buying the keys just because of the fashion element; the story and the message behind it resonated with them. They needed to be reminded that they were “one of a kind,” just like these keys.

What is some advice you have for people trying courageously to change the world?

Anyone can make a change. It’s not that difficult. Get passionate about something you know can be better in this world. Challenge yourself to get passionate about injustices you see. You can even start by throwing a party with your friends to raise awareness and then donate proceeds of the party to someone you can help. Let yourself dream up other creative ways to improve the issue you’re passionate about. YOU can do it.

What are ways that others can get involved with your community?

The more people buy our products, the more people we can get off the streets. It’s that simple. Also, once you get one of our products, embrace the word you’re wearing, then give it away to empower the next person with the message. Then choose your next word to conquer!

We also encourage people to check out our nonprofit partners, who are excellent in providing volunteer opportunities to serve our downtown LA community. You can find more info at:


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