Jamie Clarke, deaf pro soccer player

Jamie Clarke, deaf pro soccer player


I play football three or four times a week, so that keeps me in a good shape. I like to know that I have given my all during a football match or gym session to feel good in my mind and body.

What people and/or events inspired you to do the work you do today?

David Beckham has been an inspiration to me when I started playing football and with modeling. He is the only role model for me.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Playing football for my country, England Deaf, which led me to play for Great Britain Deaf and finally becoming the GB captain.

What is some advice you have for people trying courageously to change the world?

No matter how many people disagree with you or try to change your opinion, do what you believe is the right thing and continue to fight for that cause.

How has adversity shaped who you are today?

My mother and father were always very positive about my deafness when I was a child and believed that I could overcome any difficulties with positive thinking and hard work. It has made me a very confident and outgoing person.

How does your experience as a soccer star play into your success as a voice for your community?

Being an international footballer gives me a high-profile global platform with the ability to get my message across to a large audience.

What are ways that other members of The Courageous Class can get involved with your community?

People can get involved through my football club website, the Great Britain Deaf Football website, the DeafLand UK Facebook Group, and my Facebook page.