Taking a moment to ask real New Yorkers real New York questions.

Cole Ramstad,
Musician/Gallery Director at Mantiques Modern, Resident Musician at The Blond for the month of June.

Better mural: The Monkey Bar or The Waverly?

Waverly. Love the downtown cats that are in it.

Taxi or Uber?

I trust the ladies and gentlemen who have made this their livelihood for decades. More know-how, less reliance on GPS, better experience. Yellow cabs all the way.

More likely to People watch or dog watch?

I just walked by a woman with a dog in a stroller and a toddler on a leash, so I think that answers that question. Dogs are fun, people are insane.

NY Times or NY Post?

Sign of The Times.

Pedicure or massage?

Too ticklish for pedicures.

Tap or bottled water?

Bottled water in NYC is the equivalent of selling ice to an Eskimo. But with a gigantic environmental impact.

Dream home: luxury high-rise or brownstone?

Brownstone. The homiest feeling one can get out here. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Brooklyn Bridge or Williamsburg Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge was an engineering marvel, and is still incredibly impressive.

Would you rather Standard Bingo or a Rose Bar Session?

Well, I play at the Rose Bar, so I think I pledge allegiance to one of the most gorgeous rooms in NYC.

For modern art: The MoMa or The Whitney?

My first date with the love of my life was at the MoMa. Plus, one of my favorite collections of 20th century masterpieces anywhere.

More iconic: The Empire State Building or The Chrysler??

More iconic: Empire. Most authentic (and my favorite building on the skyline: Chrysler.

Boozy brunch or late-night dinner?

I love late-night dinners.

Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

TJs all the way. More down with their ethos.

Starbucks or bodega coffee?

If not a small coffee shop in the ‘hood, bodega coffee.

Street meat or a slice?

A slice x 1,000,000 + forever.

Scarier thought: A falling air conditioner or falling into an open sidewalk cellar?

I think all New Yorkers fear suddenly falling into a cellar door. Despite how great those words sound together.

First snow or first spring day?

Spring is the best thing ever. The ability to walk to the corner store in a T-shirt after a ruthless winter is like falling in love for the first time. Every year.

Would you rather A walk-in closet or outdoor space?

This is like asking me to choose my favorite child. But outdoor space.

Central Park or Hudson Park?

A lot of people find New Yorkers jaded. Central Park is exhibit A of why this isn’t so. It’s just a giant space in the middle of this metropolis, made purely for our enjoyment. Pretty magical.

More magical: The streets at dusk or the streets at dawn?

I’m a big fan of empty New York streets as the sun rises. Magic is so often found in solitude.