Taking a moment to ask real New Yorkers real New York questions.

John Seymour, Owner Sweet Chick

Taxi or Uber?

It took a while, but the service Uber provides is too good. There’s still something special about putting your finger in the air to hail a cab the old-fashioned way though.

NY Times or NY Post?

NY Post. It’s more relaxing of a read, and sitting down with a cup of coffee to read the sports section reminds me of my father.

Central Park or Hudson Park?

Central, of course! I spent many days in Sheep Meadow as a teenager, and love to take my kids to the Central Park Zoo now. Its iconic.

Would you rather a walk-in closet or outdoor space?

Outdoor space in New York City is sacred.

Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

Whole Foods. I’ve actually never been inside a Trader Joe’s.

Starbucks or bodega coffee?

I only drink Starbucks when I’m lost and out of town. If you live in NYC and I catch you drinking Starbucks, I will make fun of you.

Better mural: The Monkey Bar or The Waverly?

Both are so iconic, but I have to say I prefer the Waverly Inn’s. For me, the Waverly Inn itself is so iconic, and there is something about that mural that is really inspiring.

Tap or bottled water?

They say NYC has great tap water and for years I drank from the water fountains of the NYC parks and I turned out ok…I think? Today, I would choose bottled or filtered.

Street meat or a slice?

Always a slice. I grew up eating slices. NYC pizza is life.

Would you rather Standard Bingo or a Rose Bar Session?

Rose Bar for sure. I will play bingo when I’m 80. Plus, I’m more of a music guy and the Rose Bar has a nice room.

Pedicure or massage?

Massage. I don’t really like people touching my feet.

First snow or first spring day?

Spring. Best place to be on Planet Earth, NYC in the springtime.

More magical: The streets at dusk or the streets at dawn?

It’s at its most magical at dawn, but only if you have stayed up all night…that’s the trick.

More iconic: The Empire State Building or The Chrysler?

Empire State. Duh. Isn’t it the most iconic building in the world? King Kong ever climb your favorite building?

For modern art: The MoMA or The Whitney?

The MoMA. I believe they have a bigger collection.

Brooklyn Bridge or Williamsburg Bridge?

Brooklyn Bridge is iconic. We always take the ferry from Williamsburg to the Brooklyn Bridge with the kids. Being under that bridge really puts things into perspective.

Boozy brunch or late-night dinner?

Late-night dinner with friends is always classic. I do also love a good brunch, but restaurants are usually packed on weekend mornings.

Scarier thought: A falling air conditioner or falling into an open sidewalk cellar?

Air conditioner. I can’t believe it doesn't happen more often.

More likely to people watch or dog watch?

People watch. It's one of the best things to do in New York City.

Dream home: luxury high-rise or brownstone?

Brownstone. I recently bought one in Brooklyn and I finally own my own stoop…to people watch.