Taking a moment to ask real New Yorkers real New York questions. 

Keith Pollock

Keith Pollock, Editor-in-Chief, Interview Magazine

Taxi or Uber?

I rely on them both equally.

NY Times or NY Post?

Until The NY Times adds a PageSix, I will need them both.

Central Park or Hudson Park?

I've lived in NYC for almost 15 years, and have been to Hudson Park once! Central Park, hands down.

Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

Whole Foods only because it's closer to me.

Starbucks or bodega coffee?

Bodega coffee.

The Hamptons or Upstate?

I have a house in Bellport, Long Island, so I guess Hamptons. But I'm probably more Upstate.

Worse tourist trap: Magnolia Bakery or Times Square?

Times Square.

Tap or bottled water?

Tap water.

Street meat or a slice?

Just the sound of "street meat" turns my stomach.

Corner Bistro
Corner Bistro
First snow or first spring day?

First snow.

Would you rather: a walk-in closet or outdoor space?

Outdoor space.

Shake Shack or Corner Bistro?

Corner Bistro.

More magical: The streets at dusk or the streets at dawn?


Rooftop drinking or park picnic?

Picnic. Perhaps I'll try Hudson Park for a change. 

Museums or galleries?


Brooklyn Bridge or Williamsburg Bridge?

Brooklyn Bridge for architecture, Williamsburg for destination.

Boozy brunch or late-night dinner?

Late-night dinner.

Scarier thought: a falling air conditioner or falling into an open sidewalk cellar?

It is a miracle more people don't die from falling air conditioners, but I still worry about it.

More likely to: people watch or dog watch?

People watching at a dog park.

The Angelika or Lincoln Plaza CINEMA?

What about Sunshine!?