Women of Their Words


Courageous voices in honor of International Women’s Day

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While International Women’s Day has been observed for the last 100 years, this year’s is perhaps the most anticipated. In the wake of global women’s movements, more people than ever will come together to fight for women’s equality. This year’s theme, #PressForProgress, inspired us as a brand to do our small part by highlighting the voices of some inspiring female members from our Courageous Class. We asked four of these remarkable ladies to tell us what major advancement they would like to see happen for women in the next five years.

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“I would like to see a higher percentage of women in leadership roles, so we can be a part of the conversation for important decision-making and the implementation of actions.”

—Flaviana Matata, education provider and model empowering underprivileged Tanzanian girls

“Women’s visibility in a world that values our youth, beauty and sexuality, but not our capacity as leaders, creates a false sense of influence and parity. I want women who are visible to be truly visible, in an empowered role, so that we can be more visible in other areas of our lives.”

—Sara Ziff, model and labor activist

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“My hope is that kids growing up today won’t believe there was ever a time when women weren’t treated equally.”

—Chloe Norgaard, model, artist and environmentalist

“As a mother to a daughter who will one day grow up to be a woman, as a woman and a woman of color, I feel that all women of all types of backgrounds deserve the same respect that men get. I want to see a major advancement for women in positions of power, and especially for more women of color to be represented in leadership roles and paid equally.”

—Mari Malek, refugee turned model and humanitarian

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