Yoga, Dude.

Guys doing yoga is no longer a stretch.
Creative Director of Men’s Apparel, Mia
Warrior II Pose

In NYC, yoga mats have become almost as ubiquitous as taxis. Strapped to the backs of everyone from high-powered professionals to post-sorority PR girls, their meteoric rise to accessory fame proves just how stress-reducing (and addictive) yoga is for people living in a city that never stops. And it’s not just women embracing this trend—while yoga is still predominately a female world, it continues to grow in popularity among men, especially in cities like New York. To celebrate this, we visited one of NYC’s most buzzed-about yoga studios, Yoga Vida (owned by a guy!), and photographed instructor Zander Gladish (another guy!) as he demonstrated a variety of poses.  

Zander is wearing our Experiential Denim in dark indigo and one of our V-neck tees. 

1. The Flannel Pinstripe Suit
Dancer Pose
2. The Neoprene Bomber
Goddess Pose
3. The Neoprene Jogger
Headstand Pose with Split
4. The Jogger Blazer
One-legged Inverted Staff Pose
4. The Jogger Blazer
Zander Gladish is a holistic wellness coach and registered yoga instructor. You can follow him (and his flexible limbs) on Instagram @yogadudenyc