The Courageous Class: Fall 2017



Those determined individuals who confidently overcome life’s challenges to become the inspiring role models they were meant to be.


Nathaniel is a model and volunteer for underserved communities. He’s first generation American with parents who emigrated to the US from Vietnam. His Buddhist parents have always instilled the spirit of volunteerism in Nathaniel by taking him to Vietnam to help in a monastery, and here in the US at Deer Park monastery, which stems from a Buddhist group that helps Asian-American kids assimilate into American society yet still preserve their Buddhist way of life.

Nathaniel now encourages others to volunteer and give back, and regularly works for the social volunteer app called Deed. Recently, he’s been working in a soup kitchen in NYC in support of the homeless.

“I think courageous is
how much you believe in yourself and how willing you are to commit to something and just move forward with it.”
— Nathaniel Dam
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