In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, we’re shining a light on a portrait series by Demetrius Fordham titled “Transparent,” featuring 20 transgender PEOPLE from across America.
Spotlight On Demetrius Fordham Hero

Award-winning photographer Demetrius Fordham was compelled to create a series on the transgender existence to raise awareness about the continued discrimination and inequality trans people face. Each photograph is accompanied by a quote from the subject, giving viewers a look into the struggles, fears, and hopes felt within this community. “Through visual and written storytelling, the aim of the series is to help normalize transgender individuals in the media, create a better understanding around what being transgender means, and highlight the great diversity of this community,” says Fordham.

With a number of transgender friends and colleagues, the rights of this community have always been important to Fordham, although today more than ever he feels the need to help spread understanding. Garnet, 21, from San Antonio, Texas and a subject in Fordham’s “Transparent” series aptly states, “I need people to know that the transgender community is not what you see in the media. We are not prostitutes or drug addicts or punchlines. We’re not fetishized jokes. We’re human beings, struggling to be recognized, to find happiness.”

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