KCMFH For Him Discov

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KCMFH For Him Discov, NO COLOR, hi-res

KCMFH For Him Discov

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Try each scent on its own or mix and match, for a personal touch or a mood of the moment

Kenneth Cole for Him

  • A sophisticated fragrance that’s subtle, yet magnetic.
  • The unique “sea stone” accord blends cool mineral, white citrus, and energetic marine salt.
  • Layered with notes of translucent jasmine, fresh ginger, sensual amber, and masculine clear woods.

Kenneth Cole Serenity:

  • Calm, comfortable, and soothing
  • Notes of whiskey, cashmere, and vanilla

Kenneth Cole Energy:

  • A dynamic boost of refreshing scents
  • Sporty orange blossom and sandalwood

Kenneth Cole Intensity:

  • Nocturnal, deep, and tempting
  • White leather, golden saffron, tobacco, and precious woods
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