NYC Pride: An Insider's Guide


An Insider’s Guide to NYC Pride Parade

Chris Frederick, Managing Director of NYC Pride, offers tips and tricks for how to best experience this year’s Pride Parade.

NYC Pride parade participant holding up her arms in support of LGBTQ+ equality and Pride Month

Q. Best spot to watch the Pride Parade? A. The best location in the entire city to watch the NYC Pride Parade Route is where the modern LGBTQ+ movement began, The Stonewall Inn. The amount of energy is truly amazing!

Q. Best place to celebrate after the Pride Parade? A. The finale of NYC Pride is capped off on the last day of Pride on Pier 97. You can expect a legendary performance from Kylie Minogue and our annual fireworks display.

Q. Best event to attend (other than parade)? A. I particularly love NYC Pride's Family Movie Night done on Christopher Street Pier. We'll be showing Disney's Beauty and the Beast—it’s one of our most popular events for LGBTQ+ families and allies.

Q. Best place to go if you’re looking for a dance party? A. The VIP Rooftop Party is one of the wildest parties you'll ever go to. It sold out seven years in a row and is one must-attend event for anyone looking to celebrate Pride Month among 2,000 others on a rooftop overlooking the city.

Q. What should you not leave home without? A. SPF is a must for those long, bright, and hot New York summer days. That way you can prepare yourself to party all day into the night.

Q. Best spot for a photo opp? A. On Christopher Street among thousands of others in the West Village during the NYC Pride Parade. That is one selfie moment that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Here’s everything you need to know about NYC Pride Events:

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