Stephanie Nass

Taking a moment to ask real New Yorkers real New York questions. 

Stephanie Nass

Stephanie Nass, Founder + Chef at Victory Club

Taxi or Uber?

Taxi, mostly for the car color, but a little for the anonymity.

NY Times or NY Post?

NY Times.

Central Park or Hudson Park?

Central Park for the landscaping, Hudson Park for the sunsets.

Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?


Starbucks or bodega coffee?

Harney & Sons’ Green Hot Cinnamon tea in a to-go cup.

The Hamptons or Upstate?

Good thing I don’t ever have to choose! Both.

Worse tourist trap: Magnolia Bakery or Times Square?

Magnolia Bakery. Times Square represents dreams. People work years for the opportunity to see it, and by experiencing it, you get to be part of someone’s dream. What a privilege! Also, I make a much better cupcake than Magnolia, but tourists don't know that yet.

Tap or bottled water?

Tap! New York's tap water is better than most bottled waters. Plus, it's free.

Street meat or a slice?

Lobster pizza at Florian Cafe.

Florian Cafe
Florian Cafe
First snow or first spring day?

A spring day when the forsythia come into bloom and match the taxis. If you look around, New York is yellow. When the forsythia come out in March, you see the genius in New York's urban planning.

Would you rather: a walk-in closet or outdoor space?

Outdoor space. With a view please, thanks!

Shake Shack or Corner Bistro?

The Little Owl’s burger. Perfect Pat Lafrieda meat blend, salty American cheese, and a pizza dough bun (that is allegedly made with molasses).

More magical: The streets at dusk or the streets at dawn?

The streets at dawn. In the morning, everything is possible.

Rooftop drinking or park picnic?

Rooftop picnic.

Museums or galleries?

My apartment, the coziest gallery of them all.

Brooklyn Bridge or Williamsburg Bridge?

Brooklyn Bridge by foot.

Boozy brunch or late-night dinner?

Late-night dinner after a long day of cooking.

Scarier thought: a falling air conditioner or falling into an open sidewalk cellar?

Falling into an open sidewalk cellar—or getting my heel caught in a closed one!