Risk For Reward.

(Photo by @TheRobbieCorbett)

It’s not every day you get to work with a real Hollywood stuntman. Even the term sounds like a throwback from the ’80s. In fact, the modern versions are known as freerunners or Parkour athletes, who see their surroundings as challenges to overcome with fearless feats of skill and agility.

So, to launch our new collection of Flex Shirts, we recruited one of these daring professionals to star in a film to highlight a host of flexible attributes not usually associated with a dress shirt.

Enter Ben Jenkin, an award-winning young daredevil from the UK, who works full-time in LA as a Parkour performer, choreographer, actor, and James Franco’s stunt double. Before we could say “Pineapple Express,” Ben was on a rooftop demonstrating strength and control that was mesmerizing, and made us all feel like pathetic, static blobs in comparison.

Watch the film now to see The Flex Shirt in action…oh yes, and Ben, too.

Find out more about Ben at: and try to follow him if you dare on Instagram @benjenx

The film was directed by Ben Franke. See more of Ben’s work at and on Instagram @benfrankephoto