The Summer Style Series: Darius Garvin


This season’s influencers show us where they’re going, what they’re doing, and what they’re wearing to do it.

Darius Garvin is a fashion and lifestyle photographer who occasionally steps in front of the camera (particularly when good clothes are involved). Taking photos since the age of 10, he describes his style as natural and authentic, with an emphasis on capturing moments that feel honest and familiar.

“Casa Magazines is my favorite magazine shop in the city because they always get the top reads a week earlier than anywhere else. Last time I visited, I spent 2 hours there and left with over $80 in magazines.”

Happy Bones is the perfect way to start the day—fueling up with a cortado and coconut donuts.”

The Whitney Museum is the perfect post-brunch activity for inspiration before heading out in the city to explore and shoot my own photos.”

“Burgers and beer at Liquorette. Is there really any better combination?”

“Tried a Mezcal Negroni for the first time here at the NoMo SoHo and my mind was blown. Sickest lounge ever.”

“When it comes to a great meal, presentation is key. En Japanese Brassiere delivered on all fronts. The decor, the food, it was all just perfect.”