The Summer Style Series: Isaac Likes Jenny


This season’s influencers show us where they’re going, what they’re doing, and what they’re wearing to do it.

Blogger Isaac Hindin-Miller and model Jenny Albright are the DJ duo called Isaac Likes Jenny. Since exploding onto the New York club scene in 2014, they've provided the perfect playlists for both the wildest shindigs and the most elite fashion events. Their stellar style only adds to their appeal, while their downright fun attitudes imbue every party with a special energy—from start to finish.

“We DJ every Saturday night at The Handy Liquor Bar in SoHo, and because it’s always such a big, late night, we try to keep things as healthy as possible during the day—first things first, working out. Jenny’s a big fan of cardio; I prefer calisthenics, but if she wants to race, who am I to say no? She always wins.”

“Our go-to brunch spot in New York City is Ciao For Now in Alphabet City. It’s a couple of blocks away from the apartment, and they do amazing things with eggs. Plus, the water is quadruple distilled—as the owner McCoy likes to remind us every time he puts a bottle on our table—so you know it’s good. We love the avocado toast, the omelettes, the french toast and the sticky buns. Best in New York!”

“Jenny’s the brains of the operation. I’m just the good looks. Wink, wink. But, seriously, when she’s in her element, I’m the hype man, and when I’m doing my thing, she’s mine. It’s a symbiotic relationship—the whole is more powerful than the separate pieces.”