Taking a moment to ask real New Yorkers real New York questions.

Craig Arend, NYC-based photographer

More likely to people watch or dog watch?

People watch.

Better mural: The Monkey Bar or The Waverly?

I don’t know either.

Taxi or Uber?

Uber for sure. Door-to-door convenience is the best.

NY Times or NY Post?

New York Times. Quality intellectual content over fluff.

Pedicure or massage?

Massage since it complements my daily yoga program.

Tap or bottled water?

Bottled, unless the tap water is treated with a special Vitamin-C ionizer, ozone machine. (Kidding.)

Dream home: luxury high-rise or brownstone?

Luxury high-rise with double-story floor-to-ceiling window views of the skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge or Williamsburg Bridge?

Williamsburg Bridge since it symbolizes a connection to creativity, art, fashion, and millennial, aspirational consumers. I identify with those values better than the Brooklyn Bridge connection to DUMBO.

Starbucks or bodega coffee?

Starbucks. Higher concentration of caffeine for sure.

Would you rather Standard Bingo or a Rose Bar Session?

Rose Bar Session. Bingo just reminds me of something my grandma forced me to go to when I was a kid.

For modern art: The MoMa or The Whitney?

MoMA’s PS1 “incubator” is only 6 blocks from me. Sundays at PS1 are amazing.

More iconic: The Empire State Building or The Chrysler?

I immediately think of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building.

Boozy brunch or late-night dinner?

Late-night dinner. Late dinners are a tradition in Guatemala where I’m from.

Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

Whole Foods.

Street meat or a slice?

“Street meat” just sounds so recycled. I’ll take a fresh slice anytime.

Scarier thought: A falling air conditioner or falling into an open sidewalk cellar?

You know, I actually feel the drip from window AC units all the time when walking the streets of NYC, so I’d say a falling air conditioner.

First snow or first spring day?

First snow for sure. You don’t have mosquitos in winter in NYC. I enjoy that immensely.

Would you rather A walk-in closet or outdoor space?

Walk-in closet. Having a dedicated space for clothes and playing with different outfits before heading out? Priceless.

Central Park or Hudson Park?

Central Park 100%.

More magical: The streets at dusk or the streets at dawn?

Dusk’s orange/red sunlight for sure. Makes you feel like you’re in a painting.