The Courageous Class: Fall 2017



Those determined individuals who confidently overcome life’s challenges to become the inspiring role models they were meant to be.


Loic is a French professional dancer, choreographer, actor, filmmaker, fashion model, and advocate for at-risk children based in New York. He has worked with everyone from Madonna and Nicki Minaj to Usher and Jay-Z, and has been featured in a variety of high-profile advertising campaigns.

Loic grew up in a small town in the north of Paris where he fell in love with dancing at an early age. “Dancing basically makes me feel alive,” says Loic. “Dancing is like an escape. I dance to celebrate, but I also dance when I’m sad. If you’re passionate about something, you can relate to this feeling.”

Introduced to the charity Raising Malawi by Madonna, the organization’s mission immediately resonated with Loic because of his African roots. The charity, which supports African orphans and vulnerable children through education, health, and community, is something Loic has committed himself to. “It changed my view of life,” says Loic.

“When people realize that on the other side of fear there are some of the most incredible things in life, that’s when people will actually be really courageous.”
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