We’ve always been dedicated advocates in support of underserved communities in the hope we can inspire meaningful social change. We strongly believe in the power of equal opportunities and giving back, which is why mentorship is an important initiative to our Company culture.

Kenneth has always led by example and recently became a mentor to the talented Black designer Áwet Woldegebriel to help launch his “Livewear” collection last year. To address the fact that only 7.5% of fashion designers in America are Black, together, they collaborated on an exciting pop-up event to support and promote nine other inspiring Black designers and their products in a one-stop-shop experience by taking over Kenneth Cole’s flagship store in New York City. The venture ran for six days from December 17th through December 21st and was a huge success. Now, by continuing our support for these Black-owned businesses, we hope to inspire more up-and-coming talented Black people to realize their potential and establish a racial balance in the fashion industry.

The Featured Black-Owned Businesses

Áwet New York is a black owned, operated and invested brand founded by Áwet Woldegebriel. The brand launched during the pandemic to help support New York’s garment workers. Áwet’s mission statement focuses on two commitments: harness the craftsmanship of garment workers to support them through the pandemic and create an iconic “Livewear” collection. Áwet New York focuses on timeless and genderless designs for all, based on the notion that a piece of fabric, textile and garment has no gender. Woldegebriel came to the United States as an asylum-seeking refugee and was a son of a tailor and retail shop owner in East Africa. Áwet New York sells at the notable Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as on their e-commerce platform.

Learn more at: www.awetnyc.com
Instagram: @awetyc

Founded by former model and activist Maron Mamo, Adey-Abeba focuses on hand woven and embroidered garments made in East Africa. The multimedia fashion and textile platform shares a contemporary view of traditional East African style, introducing a modern take on naturally sustainable methods utilized by East African artisans.

Learn more at: www.Adey-Abeba.com
Instagram: @adeyabebaofficial

The Haitian American precious gems jewelry designer draws inspiration from his travels around the globe finding the heartbeat of each collection through inspiration he discovers along the way – from Dubai to Mykonos, Milan to Paris, and Mexico to Morocco – Mckenzie infuses each season with international style.

Learn more at: www.mckenzieliautaud.com
Instagram: @MckenzieLiautaudjewelry

Bespoke luxury African goods that focus on bringing African artisanal craftsmanship to the world through luxury while promoting preservation of culture, economic sustainability and charity.

Learn more at: www.adolophine.com
Instagram: @adolophine


Ready-to-wear couture clothing designs that reflect the well-dressed women of Marco’s childhood, who inspired a sense of luxury, sophistication and a cultural richness that infused his designs with a lifestyle sensibility and a decided edge.

Learn more at: www.Marcohall.net
Instagram: @marcohall / @marcohalldesigns

African-inspired clothing and home decorating line founded in February 2011 by mother/daughter duo Teta and Maya Gorgoni. After many trips to West and South Africa, they were inspired by the artistry of the printed fabrics. These fabrics inspired an exciting new line of fashion and home decor that’s 100% made in NYC.

Learn more at: www.royaljellyharlem.com
Instagram: @royaljellynyc

Fashion for unapologetic women. Focusing on women looking for an outlet of self-expression and liberation for their authenticity. Believing that women deserve to be 100% themselves. Kristian Lorén looks combine classic silhouettes with elaborate fabrications to help women light up whatever stage they walk.

Learn more at: www.kristianloren.com
Instagram: @kristianloren

Fusion of art, fashion and history. His work often centers around tipping points in Afrikan-American history, and the moments and systems leading up to these points. His work juxtaposes cultural realities with historical myths, creating conversation and reflection around socio-political relations in our country.

Learn more at: www.julianjosephkyle.com
Instagram: @julianjosephkyle

Founded by Eritrean Refugees Feven & Helena Yohannes is an effortless and clean beauty brand that instills confidence, kindness and integrity. The privately-owned company quickly made its own lane within the beauty industry, landing them on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020 List and is available at Bloomingdale’s.

Learn more at: www.241cosmetics.com
Instagram: @241cosmetics

Whimsical jewelry that started as an archive of the rare art and beautiful objects that founder, Ashley Harris, encountered at Sotheby’s auction house. Each piece of Disco in turn has its own unique story to tell about its creation and creator, plus the art, creativity, and legacy of each of its beads. Just like your favorite album or piece of artwork that you love because of its many layers, each bead is thoughtfully arranged to create a perfect harmony of elements with a vibe that reminds you of a feeling you never want to forget.

Learn more at: www.dontletdisco.com
Instagram: @dontletdisco