Pura x Kenneth Cole Smart Home Fragrance Starter Kit

Why It's Essential

It's all in the details

Upgrade your space with customizable smart home fragrance. Our Starter Kit sets you up with everything you need — including two original Pura x Kenneth Cole home scents.

  • Smart fragrance kit including Pura diffuser and two home scents
  • Upgrade your home environment with premium fragrances
  • Control from anywhere with the Pura Smart Fragrance Dispenser app
  • Set custom schedules: select days, start times, and end times
  • Adjust scent intensity in your space from anywhere, for any room size
  • Light the night: Features an app-adjustable LED ambient nightlight. Customize from thousands of colors
  • Swap scents as you please: Schedule one scent for night and one for daytime, or switch depending on your mood

Includes two Pura x Kenneth Cole original scents:

  • Go Fig-ure blends bergamot Italy Orpur®, fig, and jasmine with golden amber, creamy sandalwood, and urban musk. Create a sweet, spicy, and warm ambience at home.
  • Aim to Teas is a clean, spa-like fragrance, combining sparkling orange, spearmint, white tea and basil with pear blossom and patchouli.
  • Switch between them at any time from the app, depending on your mood or the space you want to create.


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