Fall 2016


Those determined individuals who confidently overcome life’s challenges to become the inspiring role models they were meant to be.


Lauren Wasser was practically born in the fashion industry, having her first shoot at just five months old for Italian Vogue with her model mother, Pamela Cook. She remained in the entertainment industry as both a model and aspiring actor until the age of 24 when her life took a devastating turn. Lauren suffered from Toxic Shock Syndrome from a tampon and nearly died. While Lauren was lucky to live, she lost her right leg and the toes on her left foot. The experience of having her old identity ripped from her, along with the daily struggle to even walk, sent Lauren into a deep depression and she even contemplated suicide. Then Lauren reconnected with an old acquaintance Jennifer Rovero, a photographer who began using phototherapy as a method for healing. With her newfound confidence and anger, Lauren decided to fight for awareness for TSS. In 2015, Lauren and Jennifer shared her story with Vice, becoming one of their biggest stories, reaching 6 million views and opening up a global conversation about women’s feminine hygiene and beauty. Since then, in addition to our campaign, Lauren has worked with clients such as Nordstrom, Refinery 29, and Noisy May who are embracing her new image and helping spread awareness about Toxic Shock Syndrome. In February of 2016, Lauren also walked for Chromat in New York Fashion Week.

Today, she continues to spread a message of awareness about Toxic Shock Syndrome and body positivity.

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